Some Young Whites are keen to FIGHT and use VIOLENCE – This won’t work… – White Survival in SA

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All Whites, including women should watch this. You will be amazed at what Whites were like 2077 years ago! In this video were not only look at a timeless lesson of war, but we also look at what Whites were really like. You will be amazed what White society was like in Europe and how Whites functioned.

[This is a note I sent to someone on social media. Jan]

BTW the topic of fighting and war and civil war, is a very complex thing, and one finds some whites who are awakened and they know that we have to fight back. But then they’re over zealous and they go nutty. Some end up in jail, or through their silly talk they get everyone into trouble. War is a very complex and tricky process. Even Hitler failed at just going to war (Putsch). In the end you need to focus on real power, especially political power. The only Whites who will need war in order to get any political power will be us in SA. That is why I advocate that for us, and for us only, SECESSION is the ONLY game in town. But for all the rest of you you have enough numbers to focus on all kinds of political and cultural power because there are enough of you. But any youngsters who are hot headed, need to be really careful. War and violence – just by itself – will only get you jail time or killed. Firstly, we must work on our people’s minds. We do need a "White Pariah State" in the world. That can be very very useful for many reasons, and we in SA must create that state in the coming decades. Such a state can have huge benefits for the entire White Right. But these things are very dangerous to do, and the only peaceful path to getting a state here is via secession. The Blacks will bring the violence the moment they see Whites getting serious. These are extremely tricky maneuvers to do, and it will take quite some time to get Whites to realise the importance of this. I will deal with military strategies in God’s of war as I progress. So that Whites grasp many things. For everyone else – POLITICS, POLITICS, POLITICS. And wake up Whites and work for WHITES ONLY CULTURE and NAZISM. Nazism is ultimately the greatest system of all. Everything else is just a bunch of bollocks.


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