S. Africa: The New Jewish Political Front unites with the etablished Jewish front: ActionSA + DA

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[The DA is 100% Jewish owned – always has been. I pointed out recently that ActionSA is a brand new Jewish Political organ containing a bunch of old DA (((Liberals))). So surprise surprise … now ActionSA and the DA suddenly pretend they've found each other!! Mashaba is just another Black face on the Jewish shop front known as ActionSA. Jan]

Coalition talks: ActionSA’s Herman Mashaba says DA has approached them

Herman Mashaba says the only concern he has with the DA is their ‘arrogance’, adds during his stint as Joburg mayor he struggled to get the party to ‘respect other people’
ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba. Picture: Twitter @Action4SA

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba is still brimming from his party’s impressive performance during the local government elections earlier this week but still wishes they performed better.

Speaking to eNCA on Saturday, Mashaba says a nickname of “key maker” doesn’t fit the bill because the other parties can form governments without them. He said the ANC and the DA can form coalition without the need for ActionSA.

Mashaba revealed that DA approached them on Friday evening but that “nothing come out of the discussion”. He says his top team, about four people include John Moodey, ActionSA’s provincial chairperson in Gauteng, Abel Tau, Vytjie Mentor and Dr Makhosi Khoza. But a full discussion couldn’t be had because this team wasn’t present for the meeting and they wanted to be given more time.

“It was just to go and listen to the DA had to so, but they really didn’t put anything tangible on the table because our team wasn’t ready to listen.”

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The leader of a party that received 9 per cent of the votes in Gauteng, in its first election said they want a deal that can achieve the most service delivery for the voters.

Mashaba says the only concern he has with the DA is their “arrogance” and according to him, during his stint as Joburg mayor he struggled to get the party to respect other people. The businessman says one of his top agendas is to still rejuvenate the inner city and reclaim hijacked buildings.

Mashaba reiterated that he will never work with the ANC citing the corruption and badly run municipalities under the ruling party.

He claims that his party truly represents South Africa because its voter base is so diverse.

“We in the townships, we in the suburbs, informal settlements, it gives us real great pride to really be a true rainbow nation that Desmond Tutu spoke about many years ago.”

Source: https://www.citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/politics/2904825/coalition-talks-actionsas-herman-mashaba-says-da-has-approached-them/

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