S.Africa: Investigation into kidnapping and murder of White Businessman by 2 Blacks

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[Yet another White man was kidnapped and murdered. At the source link below you'll see photos of the White man and the photos of the 2 Blacks who killed him. This stuff goes on non-stop. Nobody even bats an eye over murder. Jan]

Desmond Share: Bakkie found near Lesotho and two warrants of arrest issued

The investigation into the kidnapping and murder of Hartenbos businessman Desmond Share has led to the discovery of his vehicle and a warrant of arrest for two more suspects being issued.

Spokesperson Sergeant Christopher Spies says 53-year-old Share’s Ford Ranger bakkie, branded with the name of his business "Gutter Guru" was discovered in Ficksburg in the Free State near the Lesotho border last week.

He says the two suspects with the car already made their first appearances on a charge of possession of a stolen vehicle and were remanded in custody until Thursday.

Sergeant Spies says there is no evidence though that points to their involvement in Share’s murder.

He says they are, however, searching for two suspects who have been positively linked to the crime.

Warrants of arrest issued

Linked to the murder are 25-year-old Akim Gondo and 31-year-old Shown Gondo.

Any person who might know of their whereabouts can contact the Da Gamaskop police station or Warrant Officer Arleen Stokes.

Sergeant Spies says this is an ongoing investigation.


Share was reported missing when he never showed up for a job in Herbertsdale.

His body was discovered a few days later with multiple injuries in Albertinia.

Shortly after his kidnapping his bakkie was spotted at a petrol station outside Swellendam and money was also withdrawn on two occasions.

Meanwhile, 30-year-old Shadreck Mhetu, who was the first to be arrested for the murder made his second court appearance on Monday and will remain in custody.

He was arrested in Da Noon in Cape Town and was charged with murder, hijacking and kidnapping.

His case was postponed in the Mossel Bay Magistrates Court to the 22nd of August.

Source: https://www.algoafm.co.za/local/desmond-share-bakkie-found-near-lesotho-and-two-warrants-of-arrest-issued

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