S.Africa: Foreign White says: All Boer farmers should flee to Russia at the soonest.. My Comments: Blood & Soil


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I got a long message from a guy calling himself Lars, and he says its not his real name. He also sent his message to the Suidlanders.

I’m not going to publish his long message because it was addressed to the Suidlanders, whom I regard as fools anyway, especially when it comes to matters of strategy.

I browsed his message and it had some analysis of what the white farmers had done in the past and why it was “wrong”, etc, etc. He basically advocated that the white farmers should flee and should sell their equipment or move their equipment to Russia.

He also was talking about Farmers who are “Nazis” would not be welcome in Russia. But the whole thing centered around the idea that the white farmers should flee en masse now.

He definitely believes that the only true option for us is Russia. However I must point out that in Australia we have had positive publicity from one of the ministers there who wants to get South African farmers into Australia. I think that of the 2 options, the Australian one is going to be better. I don’t trust the Russians because the Russians funded and supported all the black communists (except in Zimbabwe), who are now in power across southern Africa.

My own viewpoint remains unchanged. It is that we must build up our spirit, awaken other whites, and do all that we can to stand our ground in the future.

But on the whole, I hate the idea of whites just fleeing when in fact, we’ve barely begun to even look at standing together as a group. We still pack a lot of potential power if we would work together. I see no reason why we should just cut and run. To do so would be utterly stupid. We would be handing over the most valuable territory in Africa to our ENEMIES. We would be abandoning what our forefathers had worked for for GENERATIONS. It would be the height of stupidity to cut-and-run just because we fear our enemies.

The Whites outside S.Africa must realise that the White right-wing does NOT have the support of the majority of whites in this country.  But we must build up the right-wing as best we can in the face of all kinds of enemy actions. It is the right-wing which must in the future make a stand for the whites in this country.

Decades and centuries into the future it would be seen for being the HEIGHT OF STUPIDITY to abandon something that everyone had fought and struggled for, so hard, and so long. It would be shown, later to be an act of pure idiocy of the highest order. This is NOT what whites do. We must learn to stand up to these black communist bullies and their high level scum Jewish allies.

I “believe” in the concept of “Blood and Soil” – not because it is myth that I think is cute to believe in … but because it makes military sense.


We should do our UTMOST to strengthen ourselves so that we can stand FIRM in the future. Abandoning a nation is the height of stupidity, and whites have NEVER in their history done such idiotic things. Just because our enemies hate us and want to destroy us, is NOT REASON ENOUGH to surrender or to flee. We can still pack an enormous punch if we stuck together.

On Occidental Dissent, I saw someone writing in the comments that there will be a short, sharp war between the Boers and the blacks, followed by a partition. I do indeed wish we were in such a position to do exactly that. But that is the type of thing we must aim for, no matter how many years it takes.

Leave the running to the Suidlander fools. White men have never behaved so stupidly at any time in the past, and we should NOT be doing so NOW!


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