S.Africa: Crime: Cape Town K9 unit arrests armed vehicle thieves

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A prompt response by members of the Cape Town K9 Unit to vital information about a vehicle stolen in Woodstock earlier in the New Year paid off when the vehicle was spotted in Rugby, Milnerton on Thursday evening 14 January 2021. The members pursued the vehicle and cornered it on Koeberg Road.

In the vehicle the K9 members discovered two unlicensed firearms, fifty two rounds of ammunition, seized the vehicle and arrested two suspects.

The suspects, aged 39 and 35 from Manenberg and Kensington respectively, are believed to be linked to gangs.

They are expected to appear in court soon on charges of possession of illegal firearms, ammunition and stolen vehicle.

As the investigation continues more charges could be added.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/western-cape/cape-town-k9-unit-arrests-armed-vehicle-thieves/

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