S.Africa: Corruption Personified: Pravin Gordhan’s many business interests

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Video: JEWS102: The Jewish Strategy Of Lying
This is an important video I made several years ago where I analysed the Truth vs Lies as a strategy.

[This guy is the head of SARS, our IRS. He’s our tax collector. He has masses of holdings in all sorts of major businesses in South Africa. He’s an Indian. Jan]

The source for this graphic is: http://www.wmc-scams.com/julius-malema-wmc-supporter-a-small-leak-will-sink-a-great-ship-for-black/gordhan-pravin/

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Video: JEWS101: Whites colonised Blacks; Jews colonise Whites! - Introduction to the Jewish problem
This short video is an introduction to the Jewish problem between Whites and Jews.

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