S.Africa: Corruption Personified: Pravin Gordhan’s many business interests

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S.Africa: Black Efficiency: Post Office delivers package 13 years late
A White Family in S.Africa had this crazy experience! The Post Office is worthless. It was bankrupt recently ... AGAIN!

[This guy is the head of SARS, our IRS. He’s our tax collector. He has masses of holdings in all sorts of major businesses in South Africa. He’s an Indian. Jan]

The source for this graphic is: http://www.wmc-scams.com/julius-malema-wmc-supporter-a-small-leak-will-sink-a-great-ship-for-black/gordhan-pravin/

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USA:Colin Powell: In 20 Years Whites will be a Minority in America:Is there a future for Republicans
2008: General Colin Powell the racist. Colin Powell is supposedly a Republican but what a fence-sitter he is, and like with Oprah, they all just went and supported Obama because hes black.

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