S.Africa: Blacks are definitely attacking old Whites in the Johannesburg Suburbs DAILY!


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I’ve been doing research on crime, which was prompted by the story of the old White lady who was TORTURED TO DEATH in my suburb earlier this year. I managed to find someone who knew her personally. I know exactly where it happened. It happened within 1 Km of where I live.

She was in her late 80s and was very physically active. It is clear from the evidence that THE PEOPLE WHO KILLED HER KNEW HER!!!! So this points to either servants or someone she hired to come and fix something.

I can confirm that MOST of the attacks on Whites are on old retired Whites – they are mostly the victims and it is happening MOSTLY IN THE DAY TIME. It might be when they enter and exit their homes.

And it is occurring on a much bigger scale than I imagined.

On the Sunday of the Police helicopter there were 4 attacks on the SAME DAY!!!!

And since then, last Tuesday, Whites were attacked in my suburb.

I will find out more info and will monitor the situation. Clearly things are bloody out of control.

The last time I saw things so out of control in our suburb was in 2014. It’s nuts.

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