S.Africa: Black victim of White Boy Urination … changes his mind. Decides not to lay charges

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[This whole story is so stupid and ridiculous. You'd have thought a bomb went off. The Black student had a desk, books and a laptop donated to him BY THE RULING PARTY OF SOUTH AFRICA! The ANC! I'm not kidding! You'd have thought a bomb went off the way everyone is carrying on over this action by this White kid. Meanwhile the things that happen to Whites are downplayed or ignored. The deliberate spitefulness of these others towards Whites are ignored. Things are only a problem when Whites do it. There's such hypocrisy. Jan]

The victim’s father said his son had a change of heart and will therefore no longer lay charges against the suspect – Picture: Leon Lestrade

Published 15h ago

The first year agricultural black Stellenbosch University student whose belongings were urinated on by a white peer will no longer lay charges against the suspect.

This is according to Mkuseli Kaduka, father of the alleged victim, Babalo Ndwayana.

“My son is now feeling sorry for the boy and he feels that a prolonged court case will make him lose focus on his studies,” Kaduka told Weekend Argus on Tuesday morning.

“I’m looking at options of laying the charges myself on his behalf,” he said.

Weekend Argus Monday reported that Ndwayana said he wanted to lay charges against the suspect.

Source: https://www.iol.co.za/weekend-argus/news/matie-urinate-victim-does-a-turn-around-on-the-incident-21716eed-7e2d-4821-bafb-18056df22421

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