S.Africa: Afrikaans couple want to flee to the USA – Email to me


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[I’m going through my emails and replying. Here is an email I received in March 2018. Jan]

Hi there, im a South African. Im sure you know by now about the expropriation with compensation of white land and the looming threat it holds for whites but ultimately for all SAcans.

My husband and I plan to do everything it takes to leave SA. Even if it means seeing asylum!

We came up with an idea to start a crowd funding campaign to help fund people to get out. If you want to know more let me know! We had some great feedback on fb about it. One thing we want to do to keep it sustainable is to have the help seekers also donate and after receiving help, pledge to donate the amount back over the course of an alocted time.

Anyway what I want to know is 1 how can we get involved in your project and 2 how can we be helped to get asylum in USA?

What i have seen in my research is the most countries view SA as a ‘safe country of origin” but also that a person must be in the country they intend to seek asylum to. This make things soooo difficult as many many South Africans like us, dont have the money it takes to even pay the visas.

We own a wedding stationery company and our main clientele is black. However this past few months our business is dieing and I believe it is because of the increased racial tension in SA.

We fear for our lives!!! Just a week ago some farmers a few miles from us was attacked by a group of black men with pangas because they were ploughing land they felt belonged to them..

We believe that if we dont leave our kiddies wont get to grow up..

Anyway hope to hear from you soon!

This was my reply:

Have you made any progress with your crowd-funding project?

I have been looking at getting people into the USA. Its not easy.

I think to get asylum will be difficult. I know people have tried.

The blacks can’t exterminate us. So I don’t think you should fear so much.

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