Photos: S.Africa: Farmers Heroes: 4 Black Cash-in-Transit Robbers killed in gun battle with Farmers and Cops

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[It's an awesome day! As I've been saying … you've NOT seen the last of the Boers! The Blacks are also making mistakes. These Blacks were shot up in a gunfight with Whites. It might even be that the Whites did not even have weapons as good as the AK47s the Blacks had. Anyway, the final score: 4:0. Boers win! No losses on our side! It's a good day … and I'm sure Whites will keep on GETTING BETTER!!! You watch … we might be only 4.5 million … and the Blacks might be 50 or 60 million … but you'll see what we can do. You've NOT heard the last about the Whites of SA! Jan]

Here’s a nice Twitter link:

4 Cash-In-transit robbers killed in shootout with police and Hoedspruit Farm watchers

23rd September 2023

A joint operation by Limpopo SAPS & Hoedspruit Farm watchers has led to the tracking down of CIT suspects after a cash van was bombed on 20/09/2023.

4 Cash-In-transit robbers killed in shootout with police and Hoedspruit Farm watchers #ArriveAlive #Crime #CIT @SCP_SECURITY
— Arrive Alive (@_ArriveAlive) September 23, 2023

The Provincial Commissioner of the police in Limpopo hails the police and Hoedspruit Farmwatch for the arrest of armed cash-in-transit robbers #ArriveAlive #CIT #ArmedRobbers @SAPoliceService— Arrive Alive (@_ArriveAlive) September 22, 2023…

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