Past Wars & Future Wars in S.Africa: Killing a White Farmer in South Africa every week for 25 years…

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I had explained to an American reader the facts about farm murders, and this was his reply:

Dear Jan: Thank you for disabusing me of misinformation on when the "farmer
murders" began. I had no idea they began that long ago. Mandela was
President in 1994 until 1999, so these murders, actually "torture-murder,"
occurred during his tenure! I just checked: he died in 2013, so he could
have been an important voice for castigating the perpetrators of these
ghastly crimes, and it sounds as if he did not, or very little, or had no
effect. Even if the lower number, 1600, is accepted, for 25 years, that is
64 per year, or one every single week for 25 years! A grotesque
statistic!!! You may know the total number of white farmers in SA,
fulfilling a difficult occupation in so arid a land, but it would still be
a tiny fraction of the population on which the whole country depends for
food! It is diabolism on steroids what befell so many wonderful people to
die in such appalling deaths, people who worked their whole lives feeding
the nation and arguably even their murderers! (Some murderers were
employees of farmers.) What a wicked pack of devils! Their
vicious crimes make me quake with anger, then with terrible sadness for
their victims, and what it does to the still-untouched farmers!

I replied as follows:
Make no mistake that Nelson Mandela was not the sweet person the Jews and Liberals claim he was. There is a book about his youth which exposes him for the violent commie he was. He was indeed a terrorist and murderer. He went to jail because he, some other blacks and a bunch of Jews planned to unleash 7,000 terrorists across South Africa with the help of the Soviet Union. (Russian submarines even dropped off black terrorists and weapons along South Africa’s coasts).

Even as I’m writing this to you, I’ve been speaking to a white man who has infiltrated a number of black organisations electronically and he knows their language fluently. He was telling me how the blacks are constantly talking about how they want to seize the farms and destroy us. I am chatting to him and when I have more info I will publish it.

The two of us were also discussing the push from the government of Zimbabwe to create race war in South Africa. I first discussed this with Rhodesians about 15 years ago. Not only Mugabe, but also his successor have been trying to get the blacks of South Africa to just go wild and kill more.

These blacks have got demented minds, and our past wars are not over.

These farm murders are nothing more than terrorism and a war that we thought we had agreed to stop, but these shitbags have no intention of that.

It is very possible that we whites will end up in a conflict in the decades to come. But to be frank with you, I think South Africa’s future is one of secession, Balkanization and break up. The good news though is that ALL OF AFRICA is well on its way to that path. We need some serious punch ups here, and I don’t think we whites are finished. I still think we whites stand a chance.

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