Old AfricanCrisis Archive: Orania the Whites only town and my 2009 visit to it…

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In the latest TeamWhite show with Alex Linder and Alfred Schaefer we discussed Orania quite a lot.

I was there in 2009. At the time the population was about 1,000 but I liked what I saw. Now it’s over 2,600.

Here’s the link: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?s=orania

You can page and browse by clicking on the top left.

Professor Carel Boshoff is the academic who came up with the concept.

What is not really appreciated outside of SA is how many books were written about Apartheid and race, etc by Afrikaans professors. Apartheid and these things were thought through carefully by proper first world academics.

If you browse the articles you’ll see what I wrote back then from my visit to Orania.

I still have the photos but never put them into a video.

And you’ll see here that the President of SA went straight to Orania:

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