Note from Jan … very tired… collapsed from overwork…


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Just a note, I’m just going to be taking it a bit easy over the next 3 days or so. I am in serious need of rest. I’ve been doing a bunch of work at my house and also with various other things over and above all my website activities. I’ve been running around and taking care of other matters as well as doing physical work.

Over the last month or two I’ve been very active here, but I was in overdrive in the last 2 weeks. I was intensely focused and working literally day and night – often working right through the night and not getting much sleep. I got a ton of stuff done. But it eventually caught up with me.

But by late Thursday night I just collapsed from exhaustion. I even feel a bit sick. So I’m taking some supplements and a bit of medication but I need a lot of rest. I was doing more than my body could handle and the lack of sleep eventually hit me.

I will be posting, but some of my replies to people may suffer a bit. I will get back on track, at a more reasonable pace. But first I need to rest.

I just want to ensure I don’t get really ill actually, and I’m trying to head that off.

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