NOTE FOR THE BOERS: My Email to a proud American Southerner who is proud of his European heritage… The South as the Germany of the USA


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[For the Boers, take note of my mention of the Boers below and where the problems of the Boers fit in with the problems of other Whites who were also cheated, killed and thoroughly f*cked over. Jan]

Hey xxx, you southerners still have bitterness, and rightfully so, about what you fought for and how you were treated.

I hear the same things from my German friends. My one German friend is probably the finest man I’ve ever met in my life. Honest beyond all belief.

And we in southern Africa feel the same way. And then too there are the Italians also. And the Boers too, whose women and children were murdered, their farms burned down and their animals killed by the million.

All this is good. In the end, this VALID criticism has helped to create this modern movement and the anti-white nature of this movement is fuelling powerful things.

In some respects the "South" in America are the "Germans" if you will of America. You suffer from the same problem of the yankees and their Jews fucking you over.

I think good things are coming. The movement is growing in leaps and bounds, and I think we’ve at times almost reached a critical mass when they smashed us back down, but I think with Trump, COVID and perhaps other things, we’re on the brink of break out.

I think we’re almost unstoppable now.

Look at how they fucked trump over and the truth about it has just carried on… without ceasing.

The MORE Whites are alienated from society and turn against it the better.
This whole system of crap might just fall down in a heap.

May the South rise again … It was closer to the truth than those idiotic northerners.

It is very similar to the struggle between Germany and Britain or Europe and Britain.
The Europeans, especially the Germans, stood for values much closer to the truth.


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