My little shop: White-Shop: I am thinking of offering Book Finding Services

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Just a note. I’ve not said much about White-shop since I launched it. I have actually had 5 orders placed, of which only one has been completely done. e.g. Purchased, shipped, arrived at the destination.

The first order was from a loyal Canadian. And we got everything sorted out.

The next 2 orders, both have got some additional complexities, which I looked into.

I see in recent days I got another 2 orders.

I am pleased to say that I have therefore carried out one true Jew Free order on my little website.

Due to problems, and I will elaborate on these later, as a result of my trip to the USA, where things went wrong on the book score. I was therefore not able to function the way I had hoped I could. So my shop was very hampered in the way I could go about functioning. Even so, with some experimentation and hard thinking, I actually overcame problems that nearly meant the death-knell for my little shop.

I think, if I work away at it over time, I might be able to get my little shop to function nicely, but it could easily take a year or two’s worth of work.

It IS hard doing the transactions without paypal and credit cards. But this is part of the price I must pay. In fact, I still have over $200 sitting in Paypal from 18 months ago that I still need to get out of the mother fuckers.

One thing that I think I can be quite an expert on now is as a book finder. Possibly, I can also find other things. So I’m toying with the idea of putting up that as a service I can offer.

I also will of course be adding more books to my shop.

I will also later be looking for products I can sell.

Running the shop, and trying to do even one transaction was very tricky, tedious, etc. It just was not point-and-click. But we need to start somewhere.

I am very pleased all round with how its survived. I had to learn, and continue to learn, new skills. But this is the only way forward. I am utterly determined to continue at all costs.

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