#BS#My Incredibly stressful week … recovering & resting a bit…

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#BS#I had a wild week this week. My enemies were doing their utmost. They tried to have me arrested. But I also did things of my own. It was not just a one way street. Doing multiple things, all of which were uncertain and stressful, took its toll. My nerves were indeed rattled. I’m up against people who play high stakes games.

I’m just resting a bit and recovering. So I’m just chilling a bit.

The other day Alex Linder and I had a private chat about things at his end and things at my end. Alex is never one to give out any complements easily. But afterwards he wrote to me and said I had done good work and he wrote “I’m very impressed”. Alex has never said that to me before. I feel like printing it out and sticking it on my wall!

I had explained to him what I had tried to do, and how I had planned it in total secrecy.

He said I was definitely doing the right thing. I want his input on a number of things.

It was a hellish week. I am not fully sure how effective my own moves were. It may take months, or even years before I’ll truly know. But I did my utmost.

Hopefully, next week is a key week. But it seems to me that we can expect another wild, wild ride next week.

I’ve come far. You have no idea what I’ve done in the last 8 months of struggle. There is so much I would like to tell you all. You won’t believe some of it. I am attempting things that no website owner on our side has ever tried. NOBODY has done or even tried to do, some of the things I have already done. But, you have to wait patiently. This stuff is too hot for me to say a word at the moment. But rest assured, my goal, as always, will be to give you the full detail on *EVERYTHING* as soon as the coast is clear! So please be patient with me! Take care. 14/88

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