Money! Money! Money! (Blacks always need MONEY!) – The cost of ending rolling Electricity Blackouts: $28 billion! – R500 billion


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[They always need … MORE MONEY! I've noticed this about the Blacks. IT NEVER STOPS! They always need more and must get more! I just laugh at the thought that the Blacks will sort this out even by 2024. I think load shedding (blackouts) are here to stay! Jan]

The cost of ending load-shedding — R500 billion

Bloomberg 16 September 2022

South Africa will require R500 billion ($28 billion) in private investment to end power cuts that are stalling economic growth by the start of 2025, said Peter Attard Montalto, Intellidex’s head of capital markets research.

The money is needed to construct 15GW of generation capacity and 5GW of battery storage, he said, adding that the requirement is unlikely to be met within such a tight time-frame.

South Africa is facing its worst-year yet of power cuts as Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., the national utility, imposes rolling blackouts, known locally as load-shedding, because is poorly maintained, coal-fired plants keep breaking down. The country has been plagued by outages since 2008.

“Ending load-shedding by end-2024 is possible, but a stretch,” Montalto said in a response to questions. It would require that all efforts to end the crisis and introduce energy reforms “would have to go like clockwork,” he said.

The country will need to invest an additional R175 billion in expanding its power grid over the next decade, Montalto said in a presentation to the Presidential Climate Change Coordinating Commission on Thursday.


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