Massive Internet blockage & slow down in South Africa….

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In the last week or so I was shocked by how slow my websites appeared to be here. Then I noticed on Bitchute I could hardly watch even 10 seconds of a video. I would wait many minutes for this.

I checked everything at my home and on my PCs and internet. I even phoned my service provider and tested my line speeds.

I eventually checked with my hosting company overseas. They were fantastic and showed me a trace that there was a blockage on the internet in Johannesburg. I then saw in a newspaper that there is apparently an under sea cable breakage in the cable that is supplying Internet to Africa and that, as you can guess, the fools don’t know when this will be fixed.

There are times when I’m not sure who to believe. We live in a LOW TRUST CONTINENT filled with liars and fools. So you don’t know whether it is incompetence or deliberate. I am always suspicious. You can’t trust any of these swines.

So it might be that we indeed have a cable problem and our internet is unbelievably slow. When I run backups, I am getting speeds that are as low as 2% of what my response used to be. I’m not joking. And our speeds at their best were still many times slower than any of you in the USA or Europe experience. So you can imagine how it is almost unworkable.

But I’ve managed to chug forward as best I can, and I’m always looking to see how I can do things better.

But I thought I would just make you aware that there is an enormous cock-up here in Africa – it is a cock-up on a grander scale than anything I’ve seen in more than a decade.

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