Map: The World at War in 2020 – Take Note the Wars in Africa – My Comments

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Video: Economic War: White Labour Vs Jewish Capital
In this video I discuss the economic fight and how Whites can save themselves.

[The Muslims have been invading into Western and Eastern Africa and the blacks have been struggling to survive it. I am pleased with this because all these blacks ganged up on us whites in the South. They voted against us in the UN and screwed us over in so many ways thinking that nothing would ever threaten them. The bummer for them is that the Muslims have invaded West and East Africa and are winning!!! Some black states have said that without the French and Americans they would lose! Now the West is protecting these worthless blacks! Leave the Muslims alone to smash the blacks and bring war to them! Its lovely! Whites must stop saving the blacks. Leave them all to collapse into hell. Don’t save them, instead we must seize territory for our race in Africa. I will discuss this at length later in videos. In the meantime look at the wars raging up in Africa where the buggers thought they were untouchable! Jan]

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Die Beginsels van Die Boere Staat Party
Hier kan jy hul beginsels lees. Daar is ook a kort video van hul leier Coen Vermaak waar hy praat oor hul beginsels

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