Lessons from Africa: BUILD Back Better … Brought to You by People Who Have Never Built Anything

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[Some Americans shared this with me: Build back better … brought to you by people who have never built anything. So I replied to them below. Jan]

Mind you this reminds me of the Black communist ANC scum who rule South Africa. They also talked endless shit about how much they were going to build and how the Whites didn’t build fast enough and they were going to build faster and cheaper, blah blah, blah. The shit they talked about is even more than your bunch are talking. In SA they can talk up a storm of how awesome they are and how much they’re going to do and blah blah blah … and in the end it’s a big cockup and it makes Apartheid look totally AWESOME. Apartheid had better schools for everyone. It built better houses for the Blacks … They’ve never managed to match or beat anything the Whites did back then. I know of nothing they did that’s better.

It was the same in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and everywhere else. I think in Zimbabwe, the Blacks got free schooling. Because Mugabe himself had been a teacher. But in the end all the schooling doesn’t help if there are no jobs, etc.

Rule no 1: TALK IS CHEAP WHEN IT COMES OUT OF NON-WHITES MOUTHS (and Jews class as Non-White). Nobody’s talk is more meaningless than that of Jews.

When I was in the corporate world here in Johannesburg, I watched Blacks and others talk up a huge f*cking STORM about how *AWESOME* they are and how much they’re gonna do and how incredible it will be.

Meanwhile everything they touch turns into a huge flop. Hahahahaha.

After they have failed, and failed and failed, they then come up with excuses like you can’t believe of why they failed.

The dumb retarded excuses they come up with are laughable. They are things that are so basic, so idiotic, that no white person would EVER accept that as an excuse from another White person. No White person would *DARE* to invent such an excuse because all other Whites WOULD LAUGH THEM TO SCORN. Yet these Blacks get up and they will make such excuses and expect everyone to take it seriously.

Your clown show is nothing. Though you are heading nicely in our direction … but you’re still like little children. Over here, when we f*ck up … we do it *BIG* and *STUPID*.

The European race will survive all this shit. I was just reading some really awesome stuff from the time of Napoleon – I’ll make a video about it. You will love it to bits. All of you. You won’t believe what our ancestors were saying over 200 years ago!!!!

What we have here with Diversity, Liberalism and everything derived from Jews is, to quote Adolf Hitler: "The systematic cultivation of FAILURE!"

Heil Hitler.

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