JEWS: Israeli crime boss arrested after allegedly extorting South African cryptocurrency players

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[They claim he also tried to scam Jews in SA. I don't know how true this is. Jan]

Israeli "crime boss" Yossi Mosley was arrested again on the weekend, the Jerusalem Post reported.

A source in that country told another publication that Mosley tried to blackmail Jewish businesspeople in South Africa.

He apparently targeted people who specialise in cryptocurrency, in one case using an explosive device.

The Mosley family have long-standing links to South Africa, and deaths in SA have been linked to their activities.

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An alleged Israeli mob boss has been arrested again in that country, and could be facing charges of trying to blackmail South Africans involved in the cryptocurrency space.

Yossi Mosley (sometimes translated as Musli) was arrested on Sunday, just days after his daughter’s wedding, the Jerusalem Post reported. He had returned to Israel for the wedding, which saw a heavy police presence, apparently for fear that rival crime bosses could target the event.

Mosley reportedly fled to South Africa after being accused of a murder, and attempted murders, in 2017.

He was detained on arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, apparently related to the murder charges. But now it is his more recent activities in South Africa that are in the spotlight.

Mosley’s family’s links to South Africa go back years, and they were previously linked to the assassination of Shimmy Anu, another alleged mobster, in SA.

A source told the Hebrew-language publication Mako that Israel’s Lahav 433, a police unit that has been likened to America’s FBI, had kept Mosley under surveillance in South Africa. He was allegedly found to have attempted to blackmail unidentified Jewish businesspeople who specialise in cryptocurrency.

In one case, an explosive device was allegedly placed near to the home of an individual targeted for blackmail.

Mosley will reportedly face charges of extortion and conspiracy, with the police source saying a strong case will be made against him.

It is not yet clear whether authorities in Israel will pursue any co-accused South Africans, or Israeli citizens in South Africa.


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