Jews have their own JEWISH SUPREME COURT in the USA – Jewish Courts in South Africa & the World


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[The race of garbage, have their own court system in every country they live in. I first heard this out of the mouth of my Jewish pal about 10 or so years ago. One day he was visiting me and we were talking and suddenly he mentioned a Jew who had been at the "Jewish court". I went: WTF? Just repeat that? A Jewish court? You have your own court system in South Africa? Well, he could not deny it then. So he quickly downplayed it (lying reflexively in an instant as Alex Linder would say). He said "Its only for family matters". Yeah Yeah. I'm sure. Apparently, according to the Jews, Jesus was sentenced to DEATH by a Jewish court. Sounds to me as if there is a bit more going on in those courts than family matters! And Jews of course DENY running a STATE WITHIN A STATE in every country they live in… BUT THEY DO! And a COURT SYSTEM is something that should be outlawed. Here are Jews screeching about "Sharia Law" but meanwhile Jews openly have their own court system. Hmmm… explain the F*ck to me how it is that you NEED a court system of your own in America, South Africa, Britain, or any other Western country? How is this even ALLOWED? The Govt should shut this Jewish shit down! But these bastards have this stuff. They can bypass your legal system if they so choose! Just ponder that. JEWS ARE A STATE WITHIN A STATE EVERYWHERE the race of dregs and human garbage go. Jan]

Here’s a quote for you:
“Jews don’t like to donate organs,” says Rabbi Michael J. Broyde, one of the founding members of the Beth Din of America, the equivalent of the Supreme Court of the Jewish justice system.

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The race of cowards, don’t like to donate organs … ergo they steal them and obtain them from others. But let’s ignore that for now. Notice in the above: Beth Din is the "equivalent of the Supreme court of the Jewish justice system". WTF is that?

Go check out the Jewish supreme court in the USA at this URL:

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