Jesus was a circumcised Jew, who taught in synagogues…

[Alex Linder passed on this fascinating insight from someone else in the Social Media. There is some serious food for thought in here. Jan]

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Jesus was born into a family of practicing Jews dedicated to Judaism. As prescribed in the Torah, he was circumcised on the eighth day after his birth. Throughout his life he was thoroughly committed to Judaism, the Torah and Jewish practices. He prayed in synagogues and taught Torah to “multitudes” of fellow Jews. And John the Baptist only baptized Jews to purify them for the expected arrival of the Jewish Messiah. All this is stated clearly in the Gospels.

The word “Jew” appears 202 times in the New Testament and 82 times in the Gospels, while “Christian” does not show up at all in the Gospels and is mentioned only three times in later parts of the New Testament — the first mention is when Paul is preaching in Antioch years after the crucifixion ("And when he found him, he brought him to Antioch. So for a whole year Barnabas and Saul met with the church and taught great numbers of people. The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch." -Acts 11:26).

There was no such alleged thing as Christianity until long after Jesus died, and neither he nor his disciples invented the term, it was applied to his disciples (promoters) by others.


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  • 5th Feb 2020 at 11:42 am

    Christianity was the religion of the Egyptians and nothing to do with any Jews. It was usurped by the Essenes – who were Jews – at the time of the destruction of the great Library of Alexandria – and ther shrines and libraries in Egypt.
    “IUSA the KRST was born in a stable on the 25th. January of a Vigin called IsisMaary.
    He taught in the Temple at age 12 and was baptised at age 30 by Anup th eBaptiser.
    He had 12 companions, walked on water, healed the sick and raised the dead.
    He was crucified, died and was buried in a tomb of rock (like a pyramid?)
    He was resurrected – naturally.”

    It is all in the Pyrmid Texts and The Book of the Dead.
    Read “CHRIST in EGYPT.” by D.M. Murdock.
    The psalms were – are – Egyptian and even the Torah originated there!
    Read Tjhe BIBLE UNEARTHED. by Israel Finkelstein.
    Read all the books by Tony Bushby.

  • 3rd Feb 2020 at 1:54 pm

    Well Dah! Did you want a verse for some consideration. Matthew 12:18 Blows the duplicitous Jew Linde out of the water . Here is my servant whom I have chosen,
    the one I love, in whom I delight;
    I will put my Spirit on him,
    and he will proclaim justice to the nations.
    19 He will not quarrel or cry out;
    no one will hear his voice in the streets.
    20 A bruised reed he will not break,
    and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out,
    till he has brought justice through to victory.
    21 In his name the nations will put their hope
    So this is quoted from the Jew Text and clearly it says in HIS name. Now Why does this Linde keep hating on Christians when Lamprecht is cautious. He is a shill and make confusion in Lamprechts little old head. Jews are the problem but Christians must be smacked still it it the wrong enemy. A good general always chooses fighters with common goals not like Linde. IN HIS NAME Hallo is their a brain cell out their on your web.


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