Jan is back from the USA and Canada … The Fash Bash and more…

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20 Pics: RAHOWA (White) RACIAL HOLY WAR: Excellent memes to spread among whites
I really am a huge fan of Ben Klassen and the Creativity Movement. It was Ben Klassen an almost South African sounding name but actually a German Ukrainian who moved to the USA, who invented the Whites only religion of Creativity and coined the phrase: RAHOWA Racial Holy War, for whites.

I arrived back in South Africa last Sunday, after having headed off to the USA in mid-April for The Fash Bash. I tried to cram 3 main things into my tour. There were things I kept to myself until after they had been done.

My original goal was to go to the USA just for The Fash Bash which celebrated Hitler’s 130th’s birthday.

My 2nd goal was to look into the matter of a lot of books which had to be got rid of. I was also looking for books I could bring back with me. I actually looked into the book issue quite intensely, while also trying to sort out some “administrative problems” in the USA due to Jewish/Liberal banning and screwing up of what I was doing. I had some success in all the matters. Things were not as perfect as I would have liked.

Then, the thing that I had kept a strict secret was that I had arranged with Paul Fromm to go to Canada. Paul Fromm was fantastic. I also met Monika Schaefer and Brian Ruhe again – this time in Canada. It was awesome. I learned a lot from my Canadian tour.

Then I went back to the USA and I extended my time in the USA by going over my original flight return date. This was extremely costly. I had decided to try and make the most of my time there, even if nothing big was going on. I thus returned to the East Coast, wound up book issues and we had a small event in Florida. People like Kyle Hunt had in fact been invited but he did not respond. I had hoped to meet Kyle Hunt face to face. My friend, Daniel who organised it, had invited Kyle.

Then I headed to Tennessee for my final week. I learned something about The South and got some insight into the South and into areas where whites are outnumbered by blacks 2:1. I also was a bit on the trail of Simon Roche of the Suidlanders and was even in a house where he had slept one night.

I learned a tremendous amount from my activities. You will be seeing the people I made contact with and what we did.

My trip was extremely hectic. There were only certain times when I caught my breath a bit.

The Fash Bash was EXCELLENT. I am hoping there will be another one. I certainly want to see another one.

It was great meeting people I had spoken to and interviewed before. I also met a lot of people I had not met before. There is much to talk about.

I will be interviewing and talking to people I met at The Fash Bash and everywhere else. I saw a lot of cities I had never seen before and had a chance to compare Canada and America. As a result of this trip, other things will be happening, including things in South Africa. You will hear more about it in the coming months.

I’m just finding my feet and sorting out some problems here in South Africa. I also have a very severe server problem on my 2nd server. I also need to launch a new website that I’ve been intending to launch for many months! So there is a lot to do.

I learned a LOT. I learned a lot about the current situation in those countries. I saw many things with my own eyes. I also learned a lot about the past and what had happened to the Right Wing. There are a lot of interesting and important things to discuss.

Here in South Africa the Suidlanders had made massive predictions for bad things. I sent voice messages from the USA to people in South Africa telling them that things would be nothing like what the Suidlanders are saying. One woman was asking me to explain how politics really works in South Africa. In this regard I had an interesting discussion with a former Canadian Naval Officer, who very quickly grasped our situation and said something important. There is a LOT to discuss!


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