IMPORTANT: WHITES PUSHING CAPE SECESSION: Why we’re launching the Referendum Party


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[It does not matter if the secessions that are being done are multiracial. The fact is that WHITES are the PRIME MOVERS in ALL secession moves. This is interesting. They're trying to push the Cape leader into a corner where he must hold a referendum on secession. I don't know if this will succeed, but I like this. Whites must just push secession harder and harder – even if it is multiracial. The reason is because this will be the game changer in this country. Jan]

Referendum Party to challenge Western Cape status quo

The Referendum Party will formally be launched on Thursday this week in the Western Cape. Its purpose is to ramp up pressure on DA Western Cape Premier Alan Winde to such an extent that the premier is left with no alternative but to call a referendum on Cape Independence.

Styled upon Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, the Referendum Party is the progeny of the Cape Independence Advocacy Group (CIAG), and the latest gambit in its battle with the DA over the secession of the Western Cape.

Just as with the Brexit Party in the UK, the Referendum Party has no intention of trying to remove the DA from power in the Western Cape. Instead, its intention is to force the DA to listen to Western Cape voters on Cape Independence. Polling has consistently demonstrated that a clear majority of them favour the holding of a referendum.

Whilst they oppose Cape Independence itself, the DA are highly vulnerable on the issue of a referendum. Party leader John Steenhuisen has publicly warned that 2024 may very well lead to ‘doomsday’ for South Africa, his ‘moonshot pact’ never got off the ground, and not a single serious election analyst give its successor, the Multi-Party Charter, any realistic prospect of achieving more than 40% of the national vote. One way or another, the ANC will still be in power nationally post 2024.

DA painted into a corner?

Ideologically, it is almost impossible for the DA to argue that the Western Cape people don’t have a right to be democratically consulted about their own future, especially with doomsday looming. On top of this, the CIAG has been increasingly vocal about a promise Steenhuisen made to the organization ahead of the 2021 elections, where he agreed to call a referendum which included a question on Cape Independence – a promise which Premier Winde has now publicly broken. Polling conducted by Victory Research in August 2023 found that 8 out of 10 Western Cape DA voters support an independence referendum.

The Referendum Party’s messaging will capitalise on these difficulties and seek to paint the DA into a corner from which they simply cannot escape.

Winde’s admission that he wasn’t going to call a referendum, which was jointly extracted by the CIAG, the Freedom Front Plus, the Cape Independence Party, and 30 000 Western Cape Voters, has allowed the Referendum Party to unequivocally state to independence supporters, ‘If you want Cape Independence, then you are going to have to vote for it in 2024’.

Meanwhile, the central theme of the Referendum Party’s message is that in the 2024 elections Western Cape voters will be choosing between one of two possible futures; remain a part of South Africa and go down with the ship, or secede from South Africa, take control of your own destiny, and secure a first-world future for the Western Cape. The DA can hardly deny this reality, since their own leader has warned that doomsday is an increasingly likely outcome post 2024.

Western Cape has no control over critical functions of government

The Referendum Party has consulted with the team who delivered Brexit and one invaluable piece of advice they received was that whilst voters like the concept of sovereignty and control, they vote for the political realities which affect them.

Taking this feedback on-board, the party has anchored its vision of a first-world future for the Cape in four critical functions of government which the Western Cape does not control, which have an enormous impact of the welfare of the Western Cape people, and, without independence, will remain under the control of the ANC however people vote in the province.

Without control of economic policy, the Western Cape will never be able to significantly reduce unemployment which currently stands at 25.3%

Without control of policing, the Western Cape will never be able to impose law and order on the province which currently has a murder rate higher than any country on earth.

Without control of taxation and spending, Western Cape taxes will continue to subsidise corruption and incompetence in the rest of South Africa rather than being used to provide services to the Western Cape people.

Without control of its borders, the Western Cape will be unable to stem the flow of illegal land-invaders which is not only undermining the fabric of Western Cape society, but which also consumes vast sums of the provincial budget providing services to people who are there illegally, at the expense of those who are there legally.

These are issues which have an enormous impact on the daily lives of ordinary citizens, and which the DA can offer no better solution. It cannot argue that economic policy is better off in the hands of the ANC, or that it doesn’t need control of policing despite having unsuccessfully fought for it for the last five years. It cannot argue that the ANC is using Western Cape tax money wisely and efficiently, and it can’t say that the approximately 1 million illegal land invasions which have occurred in the last decade are not a problem.

The DA cannot offer any realistic process which wrests control of these critical functions of government away from the ANC.

Cape Independence does, and Western Cape voters know this.

Party objectives

The Referendum Party is targeting 100k voters, which would likely see it win two seats in the National Assembly, and three seats in the soon to be expanded Western Cape Parliament. Perhaps more significantly, this is the number of votes which, working in conjunction with the Freedom Front Plus, will leave the DA in the Western Cape having to form a provincial government in coalition with one of the two parties. Both intend to force the DA to call a referendum on Cape Independence.

Once in parliament, the Referendum Party intends to table resolutions calling for a Cape Independence referendum, will support the Freedom Front Plus in fighting to get the Western Cape Peoples Bill passed, and will table a change to the South African Constitution allowing citizens to instigate a referendum where there is sufficient support.

In the final reckoning, the Conservative Party in the UK was unable to resist the political pressure brought to bear on it by direct electoral opposition. The Brexit team say that the formation of a credible single-issue party was the turning point in their campaign. Political lobbying has brought Cape Independence remarkably far, but now it is time to up the ante and get secession over the line.

The Referendum Party is chomping at the bit.

Phil Craig is leader of the Referendum Party and a co-founder of the Cape Independence Advocacy Group.


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