IMPORTANT WARNING: The Malware on AfricanCrisis – Did it infect your PC?

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[I'm going to post some information here relating to this nasty piece of malware that got on to AfricanCrisis. The good news is that it did NOT get on to HistoryReviewed, nor white-shop. I will post notes shortly on the actions I have taken. 

A very alert reader was kind enough to send me this message of what happened to him. If this happened to you, be careful. The ONLY websites I refer you to are my own, or if I give a source or other url in an article/video. So if AfricanCrisis gave you strange prompts to go to other websites AND you agreed to it… then maybe it has affected you. This has been quite a nightmare, and I must admit, this caught me off guard. But thank goodness for the help and guidance I also received. I think I have solved the problem. I will discuss that separately. Jan]

Here is a message from an alert reader to the type of stuff that happened to him. Allow-space is a malicious website and they put malware in lots of other websites, and mine was infected. Here is what the reader sent me:

Here’s the link to the weird pop-up on your AfricanCrisis web page. I’m sorry I didn’t think about sending it before.

B-WARE! of clicking on the blue Verify you’re not a robot button. I don’t know where clicking on that takes you or what it does. I’ve never clicked on that. I just close the web page then go to AfricanCrisis web page again & it doesn’t pop up again. Make sure you write what that weird thing is on your web site in case you don’t ever send me an email directly. I’m curious.

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