IMPORTANT: NEW FEATURE: How to follow my websites and view the posts on Telegram on your phone

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Videos ONLY! Follow History Reviewed TV on Telegram
You can watch my videos on your phone! This channel is only for History Reviewed‘s videos!

[I've been making changes to my websites and I'm very pleased to announce this. This should enable anyone to follow my sites on their phones in real time. Jan]

You can now follow my websites, HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis on Telegram on your phone.

Whenever I post articles they will go on to my Channels in real time and you can click on them on your phone and read them. Here are my 2 public Telegram Channels:

You are welcome to share them.

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The History Reviewed Bitchute Channel
This is the Bitchute Channel where new HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis Videos are also uploaded to

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