IMPORTANT: Malware Traffsend Warnings… WHAT TO DO & also Please notify me

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I have had some people complaining to me about nasty popups occurring when they click on links to stories in my emails. If you are experiencing anything like that, then please let me know.

With the new comments system, you can take SCREEN SHOTS of what pops up, and you can put it on the comments below. When you write a comment, there is a little box on the top right of the comment, that you can click and then you can drag in a screen shot or image into the comment. That would be most helpful. Just post it below this story because I monitor all the comments that are coming in. I’m doing scans right now on my sites but I don’t see anything major at the moment.

ALSO: Your browser, which is Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave, etc … can also be infected – not only from my site but from others. So if you experience a problem then also try to use a different browser and see if you then still get problems. It if you click on a link in your email from me, and you get a weird popup, then use another browser and click on the same link and see if you get exactly the same popup.

Once a browser is infected, then the browser starts giving you popups. It only has to be infected once by any site and then it will pop up all over the show randomly.

My concern firstly is whether there is malware on my sites left that is causing problems. Secondly, we need to check if people have infected browsers, and then depending on the infection, I can show you how to clear it out.

I’ve only seen one popup myself on Sunday. But I cleared out that virus/malware, so that should not be happening to you.

None of my scans, either internal or external to my site have shown me the traffsend malware anywhere. So it depends on where this thing is hidden.

Here is a URL on how to disinfect your browser or pc if this has hit you:

Drop me messages, links and screen shots please so I can look into this.

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