IMPORTANT: Jewish lies: Professional Medical perspective: Marijuana, in any form, is NOT good for you!


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[One of my readers left this comment. I too have been reading that all this legalization of cannabis is pure garbage. They did the same thing here in South Africa with the same demented reasons as to "why it is good". It is bad for you. Jan]

This is what the reader wrote:

I can tell you from a professional medical perspective that marijuana, in any form, is NOT good for you!

Contrary to all the rubbish you hear marijuana IS addictive if used extensively. Constant use of marijuana causes you to eventually plateau in the pleasure you receive therefore encouraging users to supplement their use with additional additives. Hence it’s reputation as a “Gateway” drug.

The resin tars are more damaging to lung tissue due to the density of the tars inhaled. Long term users sustain short term memory loss, which in many cases, are permanent damage to brain function. Users suffer impairment to reaction times creating increased possibilities of vehicle accidents and machine operation mishaps. The younger you start using the more severe the lasting damage to memory function. 90% of all violent school incidents are secondary to students being under the influence at the time of the incident. Cartels are pouring big money into buying political pro-legalization votes, I mean BIG $$$ !

If you could spend a week providing medical care for the permanently damaged kids and adults that flow through medical rehab centers you would change your outlook on marijuana REAL quick.

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