I’m back from Food shopping & getting supplies for lock down….

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My only real error in planning was that I did not realise that under exceptional circumstances that food can be cut off quickly. So I dashed out early and hit the shops. I saw quite a lot of interesting things. But on the whole, in my area all the shops were stocked, though I could see whites and non-whites all stocking up. Despite some long queues, all the shops were still full of stock.

I only saw one set of shelves where all the sausages had gone in one shop, and I nabbed the last 3 packets.

But all in all I was pleased. I even bought really cheap food like maize meal (corn meal), that blacks eat, because it is dry and can last for long, and I wanted some simple foods that can last long in case I need it weeks or months in the future. But I managed to quickly stock up.

Lock down is on thursday at midnight.

I did NOT see a single Policeman, nor a single army vehicle or soldier. The really interesting part of the lock down might actually be the black townships!!!!

This is an excellent exercise. Its nice, after years, even decades of theorising, to move to the next level and to begin observing. I’ll make full use of this time.

I suspect a number of things will NOT GO ACCORDING TO GOVT PLANS … but it is best to keep my mouth shut about things that are positive for whites. Its better to say little in some cases. But I think we’ll have some good laughs actually.

And I’m pondering whether the Govt’s moves will make things better … or WORSE … for the blacks!

I think the Jews are betting on a dead horse!!! Hahahaha.

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