How DUMB can you be? South Africans actually believe Lockdown will reduce COVID numbers!


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Truly, South Africa is beyond retarded. I was reading how people are lamenting that the number of people with COVID should be going down, but they can’t understand that this is not the case.

These people are morons. They clearly have no grasp of NATURE and they also have no grasp of HUMAN BEHAVIOUR.

Lockdown, from the beginning was a retarded notion. Whites have known, and have practised NO LOCKDOWNS EVER because the quickest way to get through a pandemic is to just let it dash through the entire population. This results in LESS DEATH and almost an instant move towards HERD IMMUNITY. Yes, a bunch of people will die quickly, but it actually will result in LESS DEATHS IN TOTAL.

A year ago I was already mentioning that doctors and scientists have said that LOCKDOWN WILL KILL MORE PEOPLE. Not only will it kill more, but it will destroy the economy.

All of this has come true.

Scientists and Doctors know this stuff that is why they have NEVER advocated lockdowns and masks because you have to be a retarded idiot in order to believe this can help.

But true as nuts, this country is filled with Liberal fools and all manner of idiots from end to end who believe in this lockdown shit.

I’m just VERY HAPPY that Lockdown is destroying the country so that we can get quicker to the abyss, where we need to go.

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