Here is the list of richest South Africans on the JSE: report


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[There are a number of Jews on this list but they don't tell you they're Jews. e.g. the Saltzman family, Ackerman, etc. Also beware that the wealth of the rich is ONLY reported for Public companies. Their private wealth is never reported. So the Jewish Oppenheimers should be at the top of this list, but I suspect they had removed large amounts of their wealth either out of the country or into private investments. The Oppenheimer family, in the time of Dr Verwoerd, owned about 70% of the entire economy of South Africa. This was reported in the Hoek Report. I don't see the Jewish Oppenheimers on this list at all now, which is very suspicious. So I think one should take this report with a pinch of salt. Jan]

Businessman Patrice Motsepe is ranked as one of the 20 richest people who own stocks listed on Africa’s largest market, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. This is according to a Billionaires.Africa report. This is an online publication that tells stories about the wealthiest people in Africa.

"The value of their shares is based on prices at the end of trading on August 20, and valuations are converted to US dollars at current exchange rates," it said.

According to the website, the list consists of investors on the exchange who jointly control 1.05 percent of the bourse’s $1.2 (about R17.5) market capitalization, which amounts to $12.6 billion.

Patrice Motsepe

Holdings: African Rainbow Minerals, Sanlam, African Rainbow Capital Investments.

Motsepe is South Africa’s first black billionaire. He is a mining magnate, the founder of African Rainbow Minerals. He also owns the soccer team Mamelodi Sundowns.

According to the publication, Motsepe owns 46 percent of the ARM company – a shareholding worth $1.7bn. He has a 7.8 percent stake in financial services giant Sanlam and 27 percent of African Rainbow Capital Investments.

Michiel le Roux

Net worth on the JSE: $1.3bn.

Holdings: Capitec.

Le Roux is a South African billionaire banker. He founded Capitec Bank in 2001 and owns a 10.84-percent stake.

Johann Rupert

Net worth on the JSE: $1.2bn.

Holdings: Remgro, Reinet Investments SCA.

Johann Rupert owns 1 percent of Remgro’s publicly traded ordinary shares and controls all of Remgro’s class-B shares through Rembrandt Trust. He also owns 24.9 percent of Reinet Investments SCA, an investment vehicle that is listed on the Luxembourg and Johannesburg stock exchanges.

Ivan Saltzman & family

Net worth on the JSE: $1.005bn.

Holdings: Dis-Chem.

Ivan Saltzman owns 54.41 percent of Dis-Chem Pharmacies – the second-largest retail pharmacy chain in South Africa, through his family trust. His stake is worth $1 005 089 100.

Najib & Taha Mikati

Net worth on the JSE: $871 670 150.

Holdings: MTN.

Najib Mikati, a former prime minister of Lebanon, and his brother Taha Mikati own a combined 6.74-percent stake in MTN Group, Africa’s largest mobile telecoms company. On the list, they were ranked number 5 and 6. They hold the stake through their M1 Limited, their private investment company. The Mikati brothers are both billionaires.

Giovanni Ravazzotti

Net worth on the JSE: $850.9 million.

Holdings: Italtile.

Giovanni Ravazzotti is the founder of Italtile, South Africa’s biggest leading franchiser, retailer, and manufacturer of tiles, bathroom ware and related products. He owns 33.88 percent of Italtile through Rallen Proprietary Limited. His stake is worth $850 975 438.

Christoffel Wiese

Net worth on the JSE: $ 762.7m.

Holdings: Shoprite, Brait, Invicta.

Christoffel Wiese is the biggest shareholder in Brait, which owns Premier Foods, Virgin Active, and UK clothing group New Look. He also owns 11.44 percent of Shoprite Holdings, which has supermarkets and furniture stores across various African countries.

Stephen Saad

Net worth on the JSE: $710.7m.

Holdings: Aspen Pharmacare.

Stephen Saad owns a 12.55-percent stake in Aspen Pharmacare Holdings, the pharmaceutical company he founded.

Isaias Jose Calisto

Net worth on the JSE: $694.3m.

Holdings: Karooooo.

Isaias Jose Calisto is the founder and controlling shareholder of Karooooo Investment – a leading global mobility SaaS platform. Karooooo owns Cartrack, a South African Software-as-a-Service “SaaS” platform provider for small, medium, and large businesses and consumers requiring a software platform for data analytics to optimise fleets, driver behaviour, insurance risk, safety and asset recovery. Calisto owns a 65.97 percent stake in Karooooo. Karooooo Investment is primarily listed on the Nasdaq but was listed on the JSE in April via the secondary listing.

Laurie Dippenaar

Net worth on the JSE: $556.4m.

Holdings: Firstrand, Rand Merchant Investment.

Laurie Dippenaar and his family trust own 1.76 percent of Firstrand. That stake is valued at $395.6m. In 1977, Dippenaar founded FirstRand’s predecessor, Rand Consolidated Investing, along with Paul Harris and Gerrit Ferreira. Dippenaar also owns 4.81 percent of Rand Merchant Investment.

Adrian Gore

Net worth on the JSE: $455 950 540.

Holdings: Discovery.

Adrian Gore is the founder and chief executive of South Africa’s medical insurer, Discovery Holdings. He owns 7.98 percent of the company.

Raymond Ackerman & Family

Net worth on the JSE: $482 442 768.

Holdings: Pick n Pay.

Raymond Ackerman and his family own a 26.07 percent stake in retailer Pick n Pay Group.

Johannes Mouton

Net worth on the JSE: $316 976 162.

Holdings: PSG Group.

Johannes Mouton and his family own a 29.35-percent stake in financial services giant PSG Group. His son, Petrus, is PSG’s chief executive.

Michael “Gus” Attridge

Net worth on the JSE: $194 449 495.

Holdings: Aspen Pharmacare.

Michael Attridge co-founded Aspen Pharmacare with Stephen Saad in 1997 and owns a 3.41 percent stake in the company. He serves as deputy chief executive and finance director of the company.

Jonathan Jawno

Net worth on the JSE: $180 916 038.

Holdings: 10.27 percent stake in Transaction Capital.

Steven Herring

Net worth on the JSE: $174 215 444.

Holdings: 87.23 percent of Heriot REIT.

Gerhardus Fourie

Net worth on the JSE: $117 531 829.

Holdings: 0.86 percent stake in Capitec Holdings.

J. Le Roux

Net worth on the JSE: $100 577 325.

Holdings: 1.64 percent stake in Shoprite Holdings.

Stanley Richard Goetsch

Net worth on the JSE: $100 508 910.

Holdings: 5.41 percent stake in Dis-Chem Pharmacies Limited.


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