Gold: Massive buying of Gold by Western Countries for the first time in years…q

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Just a note: I saw in the British Financial Times, which is a pay website … and I don’t pay … so I merely spotted this while browsing there the other day, that governments have bought I tahini about $15.9 billion in Gold, in about 2019. This is enormous for the West.

In the 1980s and 1990s they were dumping gold like crazy … saying it would never be needed. Britain sold gold low, very low and bought it back very high. Britain made the dumbest gold moves of the whole Western world.

However, the fact that Western nations are finally buying gold, while Russia and Chinese never stopped buying gold has made me wonder if these Jewish fiends have been misdirecting the West downwards while helping their old communist bum chums.

But the key point here is that Western Central Banks have begun doing something they’re not done in about 20 years and that is to buy gold.

It’s a good sign. Good bye Jewish globalism, hello nationalism.

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