From Jan: Lots of Power Outages: Putting up Battery powered light bulbs in my house!

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Just a note. With all the power outages we’ve been having and me working a lot into the night I grew rather irritated by the amount of darkness in my house when the power is out for hours on end. A few years ago, I put up some experimental battery-powered LED lights in 3 places in my house. My office, my passage and my kitchen. Those were the 3 places I needed light the most.

But lately, with the outages being so long I decided to quickly do some additional work and added lights to 2 more rooms. The daily outages become a real nuisance, and just having some nice lights when you are in these constant outages makes life a *LOT* more pleasant.

I want to go and fiddle with 2 of my LEDs that I had put up. I want to make some improvements. Then I’ll be fine for months to come.

I had been sorting out my battery bank and a lot of related stuff.

After that I need to climb on my roof and begin moving solar panels around. I also want to improve the angling of my solar panels for the sunlight and the changing seasons. I have a very simple idea which I think will get me extra power from the sunlight.

The power outages have been no joke. Currently it is 10 hours a day, but it is so insane that you never really know from one day to the next.

I am very pleased that about 6 weeks ago I had begun work on moving my batteries and various cables and devices. It had been a lot of work and I wanted it done by mid-September. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did all that work. It’s really put me in a much better position and it’s helping me a *LOT*.

The path for all Whites, thanks to Jews and Blacks is DOWNHILL but we can pull our way out of it. Our chance for a BREAK OUT TO FREEDOM is coming in the years ahead.

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