From Jan: Hectic day with almost no electricity and mostly no Internet

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Today was a totally silly day here and I’m not fully sure why. There was electricity and internet until about midday, and from then onwards there were so many power outages for longer and longer where the electricity would be off for 4 hours and it would come back for one hour and then be off again.

I have a special, cheap internet that I buy through a small company owned by Whites. I have a sort of microwave/radio internet. It is dependent on power going to cell phone towers. When the electricity is out it is dependent on batteries. If the electricity is not up for long enough then the batteries don’t charge. From midday onwards until now (12 hours later), I had no Internet.

It had been a cloudy day so my solar power was not as good as it could be. So I was concerned by the length of the power outages. I have had rare occasions where the power in my house trips and my power is out when the rest of the neighbourhood is fine. So I went outside to just double check whether it was only me having a problem.

Most houses were dark, but quite a lot of generators were running in the neighbourhood. It was quite something to hear all the generators running.

The Electric substation near my neighbourhood also seemed to have had serious problems today. So the substation might be conking in due to bad maintenance. This has happened in past years and then it can be quite a battle as the fools try to fix things and this can take a long time.

Today I had to do some serious testing of my backup Internet. Luckily it all worked fine.

This gives me some idea of what could happen by the middle of this year if we have serious problems in winter.

I have plans to buy some more batteries for my solar power.

This could get a lot worse in the year so I’m planning ahead and doing things. I was also helping a family member and a friend to prepare themselves for this hellish year of total stupidity and failure.

This is what happens when the Under-Man rules you!

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