Former Rhodesia: Chaotic Zimbabwe: Black Government might seize farms from some Blacks!

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[First they stole the farms from the Whites. But they were supposed to distribute the farms evenly. But of course, Blacks are also greedy and corrupt, so some Blacks it seems got multiple farms. It appears to me that the Government might seize some of the farms from Blacks who own multiple farms that were stolen from the Whites. But … pssst…. the Black elite themselves also own lots of huge farms, businesses and mines too!!! Everyone has been stealing from the creations of the Whites. Also, some of the farms are not even being used by the Blacks! They're hanging on to it for speculation! Jan]

Zimbabwe: We Will Seize Farms, Says Mnangagwa

21 February 2021

Zimbabwe Standard (Harare)
By Moses Matenga

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said his government will repossess land from multiple farm owners, which will be redistributed to youths.

Mnangagwa told mourners at the burial of former police deputy commissioner Griffiths Moses Mpofu at the National Heroes Acre, that a lot of land was not being utilised.

"The inquiry we made on agricultural land has identified lots of land which is vacant, underutilised and belonging to multiple owners," he said.

"Government will repossess that land for on-leasing to the landless, foremost among them the youths.

"The land has come. We must cultivate it to grow our economy.

"I am aware that our youths are crying out for pieces of land and are eager to work the land.

"Our land reform programme was a success and never will it be reversed by those opposed to it forever. "

Zanu PF, under the leadership of the late Robert Mugabe, was accused of using land as a political tool after productive farms were parcelled out to cronies.

Mnangagwa is accused of sitting on land audits that revealed that there were multiple farm owners and people holding onto land for speculative reasons.


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