FANTASTIC: Israeli Embassy in South Africa closes (and no one notices) – My Comments


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[What you will find is that Jews can hide things easily when they do not want the message to spread. The LYING MASS MEDIA publishes only things that the Jewish bosses want people to hear.
I am astounded that Israel is actually shutting embassies around the world. This BDS stuff in South Africa is driven by the non-whites. They openly attack and HATE what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians.
The Israeli claim that they're redirecting funds, is fascinating. You can NEVER NEVER NEVER trust what a lying Jew says. But if they are so stretched for monies that they are shutting down entire embassies – it amazes me. Truly. Stunning.
It should also show people, that Israel is NOT GOD. Israel can fold easily. If they are pressed for cash already, this is astounding. There are still lots of Jews in SA. And every Jew is a Jew too many. But this must be causing some inconvenience.
I am utterly convinced that President Cyril Ramaphosa is himself a black who converted to Judaism about 10 years ago. And he is sitting inside the ANC which HATES ISRAEL, and that is a fascinating Jewish infiltration there. He is however, BEST BUDDIES with the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Goldstein. Rest assured, there is Jewish nonsense going on in the South African presidency. Jan]

31 October 2019 |

The independent South African human rights and Palestine solidarity NGO, BDS South Africa, joins NEHAWU and fellow South Africans in celebrating the closure of Israeli diplomatic missions across the world, particularly the Israeli Embassy in Pretoria.

According to Israel’s Haaretz Newspaper, the Israeli Foreign Ministry earlier this year faced a $100 million budget shortfall, which led to several key national events being cancelled among other financial problems. The Israeli newspaper also reported that Israel’s foreign ministry had suffered severe budget cuts in recent years mainly as a result of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs channeling funds into the battle against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Last year the Israeli government dedicated approximately $72 million towards trying to stop the BDS movement. The writing is on the wall: apartheid is expensive and Israel must end it immediately!

It is apparent that the primary purpose of Israel’s foreign missions is to promote propaganda for the Israeli regime with no benefit to host countries – this is perhaps evident in no one even having noticed the Israeli Embassy’s closure! The Israeli embassy is proving, on its own, that it is indeed insignificant and irrelevant. It is clear that there is no economic or political benefit in having relations with an apartheid state.

BDS SA considers the closure of Israeli embassies and consulates as evidence that Israel is at war with itself. We are also amused and find it ironic that Israel shifted funds from its running of embassies and other offices to try and stop the BDS boycott of Israel, but now lacks resources to sustain those embassies. The closing of the Israeli embassy in South Africa, until the regime ends its oppression of Palestinians, is one of BDS South Africa’s goals – this recent closure, even if temporary, is a step in the right direction.

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