EXCELLENT: S.Africa: Farm attack, well organised operation sees attackers arrested, Mooi River

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[Damned awesome. A rare case of Farm attackers being caught. Jan]

A farm attack took place on the morning of 23 April 2021, in the Mooi River area, in the KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa. Armed suspects attacked a farm and robbed six firearms, cellphones and Apple laptops. Magma Security responded to the attack and with other roleplayers and the police set out to hunt down the attackers.

The attackers fled the scene in two vehicles and a lookout was posted.

At approximately 10:45 Magma members spotted the one vehicle, a Corolla, travelling at a high speed on the N3 proceeding towards Pietermaritzburg. The members then followed the vehicle and made contact with PMB K9 to assist. The vehicle was followed towards PMB on the N3. The K9 unit and Magma members then stopped the vehicle.

Five suspects, 4 males and 1 female were arrested. Five firearms, Laptops, cellphones and Apple tablets and chargers were recovered in their possession.

Magma Investigation, K9 and POP PMB members did a further follow up to Kwamashu area in Durban where the second vehicle, a VW Touareg, was recovered. Three more suspects were arrested and six firearms were recovered. Jewelry, TV and other items taken during the robbery were recovered in their possession.

The suspects and exhibits handed over to Mooi River Detectives. The investigation ongoing.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/kwazulu-natal/farm-attack-well-organised-operation-sees-attackers-arrested-mooi-river/

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