EXCELLENT: COVID-19: Black Africa takes an enormous hit: Could lose 140 million of 440 million jobs – My Comments

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[This is fantastic. This will make the blacks go crazy. This is huge. This will break much of Africa. Here in South Africa, the results are also not bad at all. But this will send blacks in Africa straight into hell. As it is, their tin-pot nations are useless, and this will seriously screw them up. I think this can lead to masses of serious trouble, and hopefully starvation, fighting and revolution. Of course, blacks will try to flee even more to Europe and the EU. But I think this is like a knock-out punch to the chin. The blacks are so overpopulated and so chaotic that they can't survive even under normal conditions. They live on the borderline. This is going to send them down to hell and internal chaos. Hopefully, violence, instability, war and other hell … all of their own making. Definitely death and suffering will visit them. I also think that handouts from the West are no longer enough to help as black infrastructure collapses. I think this is fantastic.

JUST AS I SAID, nobody is testing, and the virus could be spreading quietly on the continent. The virus might yet kill weakened blacks. All in all: EXCELLENT! Jan]

The coronavirus outbreak could affect a third of the 440 million formal and informal jobs in Africa as lockdowns across the continent deprive people in the world’s poorest continent of the means to make a living, according to McKinsey & Co.

Between 9 million and 18 million of the continent’s 140 million formal jobs could be lost as a result of the crisis, McKinsey said in its Finding Africa’s Path report. A further 30 million to 35 million could see a reduction in wages and working hours. One hundred million of the 300 million informal jobs on the continent are at risk, it said.

In major sectors such as manufacturing, retail and wholesale, tourism, and construction, the jobs of more than half the workforce could be affected, McKinsey said.

While the epidemic has been slow to take off in Africa, the fallout from the disease has decimated the economies of the continent. Shutdowns across many countries have curbing activity while the snarling of global supply chains has depressed the prices of the commodities many countries export. The World Bank now projects the region will have its first recession in 25 years.

There are also concerns that limited testing is suppressing the real number of infections, with the disease apparently yet to take hold in many African countries, and a rapid rise in numbers is expected.

Africa is ill-equipped to fund a medical response and needs to spend $5 billion on health over the next 100 days, McKinsey said.

"The entire continent may have just 20 000 beds in intensive care units, equivalent to 1.7 ICU beds per 100 000 people," the consultancy firm said. "By comparison, China has an estimated 3.6 ICU beds per 100 000 people, while the U.S. has 29.4."

In sub-Saharan Africa outside of South Africa, there may be as few as 3 500 ventilators, McKinsey said. The US has 160 000.

Source: https://www.fin24.com/Economy/Africa/mckinsey-coronavirus-could-affect-a-third-of-africas-jobs-20200416

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