COVID FATIGUE: South Africa … we’re dying, we’re dying… we’re all DYING … from COVID

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We’re back to one of our more intense levels of lockdown. I don’t really worry to much about the COVID crap. They say that in Johannesburg, where I’m living that we’re collapsing from COVID deaths blah blah blah.

I only have one family member in Johannesburg who got COVID at work about a week or so ago. But he’s not complaining.

However, if you read the newspapers, etc you’ll think we’re all dying and we’re in a war zone.

But in reality it’s the same old boring nonsense as normal.

In fact, despite the more intense rules by the government I’m noticing what you could call "COVID Fatigue" setting in. There are some places I go to where they measure your temperature and make you fill in forms every time you walk in through the door. But I’m seeing even the Blacks are taking less and less notice of these rules.

The Blacks have been following the Government rules TO A T. I’ve NEVER seen the common Blacks following the words of the Government to the letter as I have with COVID.

But I can see a definite slacking. Even the Blacks are starting to tire a little bit over this COVID.

Of course all these lockdowns, and rules … and the rules of SA in this regard are almost insane … are impacting people.

I think the COVID scam is reaching a point where we have the beginnings of COVID FATIGUE.

Give it a year or two, and NOBODY WILL CARE WHETHER ANYONE DIES.

I think the scam is tiring people out.

I just look at it all and laugh. I like what I am seeing.

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