Brilliant Quote from Croatia for the Boers & Whites of South Africa about FREEDOM

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[A Croatian sent me this note with regard to my recent video about the Rhodesian Rebellion and why Britain did not invade Rhodesia. He refers to Pavelic who you could call Croatia's Ian Smith or Hitler. He was a brilliant man who worked to set his people free. I've not discussed the Croatian war of independence in detail, but it is amazing. I agree with Pavelic. In fact a King who was a great general, Frederick the Great of Prussia said this: "Great things are achieved, only when we take great risks." And that is how I see Rhodesian UDI. A risk that failed. But sacrifice is a part of life. Look at what Pavelic, the clever, determined leader of Croatia said below. Jan]

The Croatian wrote this about my Rhodesian video:

So many parallels with Croatia. After being defeated in ww2 and incorporated into Communist Yugoslavia accusations of treason to Pavelić (the Croatian leader in ww2) were numerous. You will not get your own country for free or without blood and risk. There is a famous quote by Pavelić "We have in this endeavour (statehood/independence) given many sacrifices, but a People who is not capable of making sacrifices is not capable of living."

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Video: 2nd Anglo-Boer War: The British Atrocities against the Boers
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