Blacks who illegally seized land south of Johannesburg were driven off violently!


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[“Red Ants” are a Govt unit that evict blacks under various circumstances. The Red Ants can be more violent than the whites were under Apartheid but you won’t hear the international Jewish/Liberal MSM crying about it. In this case, blacks seized land. This land was there for RDP (Govt built houses for blacks) houses. So it seems the Govt sent in a security company that behaved like the “Red Ants”. They came with shotguns, smashed the blacks shacks and drove them off violently. If this was Apartheid you’d never had heard the end of it. But it barely makes a local suburban newspaper! Notice how one of the blacks is “traumatised”. Its real easy to control these blacks if you do it properly. Jan]

Illegal land grabbers left in the cold south of Joburg

Illegal land grabbers in Tshepiso, Phase 5, were left out in the cold when an organised group recently dismantled their homes and drove away, Sedibeng Ster reports.

The alleged ‘Red Ants’, who were apparently armed with pump-action shotguns, warned the stranded shack dwellers that they would be shot if they attempted to return and build their shacks again.

Nearly 20 families who had illegally grabbed land near Steelpark lost their homes.

One dweller, Pule Tsimane, said they knew their attackers were attached to a syndicated company and that this company was not attached to the Red Ants.

“We did not give up until they drove us out with proper rifles. They were well-armed, but hid and covered their faces like cowards.”

One of the residents said she was traumatised by the manner in which the group approached her home and kicked her door down.

The residents were warned not to occupy the land in the past, because it was meant for RDP houses that are to be allocated to registered beneficiaries. Tsimane said they also want to form part of the people to be allocated the houses.

“The ward councillor is living in an RDP house. Her life is fine, but what about us?” he asked.

The group vowed to fight on.


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