Big Business crushes small White business … dog eat dog … Middle Class Whites are being WIPED OUT … in every nation… not just South Africa

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[Here is more of my discussion with an American lady I know. Jan]

She wrote:-
The billionaires first seize the assets of the millionaires. I have ~10 contacts who were in the single-, double-, or triple-digit millionaire range, ALL of them SCAMMED and SEIZED by billionaires, no matter how many lawyers they paid for. All the lawyers were bought off by the billionaires. I tried to help all of them, without success. They were all made homeless. I got there (or they called on me) too late.

You see, this is the most efficient way to seize wealth – and power. And to compromise those millionaires who are compromisable.

It’s fun – a sport – a chase, if you will – for the billionaires. And they’re aided and abetted by the alphabet agencies, behind whom is none other than m*ss*d.

I did prevent another double-digit millionaire from being seized. That case required 13 lawyers at once to help, all of them also somewhat compromised. But I caught the tricksters and exposed them in time. You see, often millionaires are people who think the System works just fine, so they’re naïve to the trickery that can take place, and don’t wish to be overly suspicious. They take the wins and losses in stride rather than asking themselves what’s really going on when a poor person would, by contrast, be shocked and appalled at the step-by-step, initial little and then no longer little thefts and weird occurrences… like having a black Chinook with white bold letters saying "ARMY" descend upon the workplace, directly provably by m*ss*d; or receiving a bank check for half-a-million having been made fraudulently by a printer in a Culver City bank owned by a Hassidic Family, or having fake checks with one false letter being used to pay hirees who weren’t hired by the business, and were unknown to the business, but rather hired secretly by an fb* team.

Now, the next step after certain non-Jewish millionaires get wiped out is to deprive the middle-class, and for this, the billionaires front their friends and the agencies – even lower-level ones like Area Agency on Aging, Child Protective Services, and a cadre of psychopathic social workers and doctors to do their evil upon families, usually through an in-law’s lawyer. You’ve probably heard these many heartaches, so I won’t detail them here.

To rip off the poor so they’ll die sooner? Sure, they just manipulate Black gangs to assault, murder, and rob every last person blind.

That’s how it works in the US.

I replied:-
And (((BIG BUSINESS))) always crushes little business. I’ve seen it over and over here in South Africa.

Eventually (((BIG BUSINESS))) will own everything.

The real issue here is concentration of wealth… that whomever has the most capital wins.

So many Whites think they stand a chance and then they are just WIPED OUT. I mean flattened.

(((Capitalism))) is not your friend.

I’m telling you, the more I observe life, the more convinced I am that everything Hitler and the NAZIs did was VERY REASONABLE. It was the *ONLY* way to survive.

I’ll post part of your commentary. People should see it. Anonymous of course.

Vast hordes of Whites go into this scam known as capitalism and they think they’ll survive.

Only a few do. The vast majority will be destroyed … and the (((rich))) are never punished for the people whose entire lives they’ve destroyed.

Rich are scum. This is proven through history over and over again. Napoleon commented a lot on this.

I later added:
I’m not joking when I say, in the end, we will all be better off with a weapon in our hands.

It may sound crazy to you now, but history bears this out.

We’ll be safer, and we’ll make more progress. All this other stuff is just pure crap, a scam that has been used to cheat the European race of it’s magnificent achievements.

Even scientists and others don’t realise how their brilliant works of genius are stolen and abused by our racial enemies and used against us.

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