Attention: Important note from Jan… If you are waiting for me to contact you…

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Last Friday, I had to get stuck into some critical admin work. Annual stuff that I just have to do, with a deadline that is close by which I cannot miss.

Since it’s annual stuff, I have been trying to figure out a way to make it go faster, and each year I’ve been improving. But I really wanted to have a computer program do most of the work for me. However, I was struggling to figure out the solution to a certain technical problem for years. This year, I came up with a plan that was workable enough that I could write an actual program to begin processing the stuff.

So I was writing software, to do the work I needed to do manually … and I was very busy. It was very tricky. I worked almost day and night and finished 2 days ago. But all the effort and the day and night stuff was a bit heavy on me, and I needed to rest and take it easy the last 2 days.

So for those folks waiting for me to contact you, just hang in there. I just could not do anything else. I really had to focus and I threw all my communications with people to one side for the week.

I will begin replying to people this weekend and I return to my normal schedule.

I also am finally working on new videos.

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