Attention: All White Canadians can move to South Africa… – Leave Trudeau, the Jews & Blacks to DIE in Canada!

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[I popped off this note to Paul, Brian, Monika & Alex Linder. Jan] Hi Paul, Brian, Monika & Alex,I actually was spreading this idea among the Boers today. I was telling them that in South Africa we have enough infrastructure to EASILY settle 20 million whites. EASY. We don’t have to build a single building or road – IT ALL EXISTS NOW.

All I have to figure out is how to kill 50 million blacks.

Every white Canadian could move to South Africa, and in no time at all, we’d probably have an economy as powerful as that of Canada. We have the minerals and everything … we just need to kill all the blacks and replace them with productive Canadians. And the climate is so easy to live in!!! 🙂

Leave Trudeau and the blacks to die in Canada from starvation and lack of electricity when the whites are gone!

Feel free to spread this among the Canadian groups I met!

I was referring to this rather wild post I just put out:

White is a bad name. We are all EUROPEANS – About Boers & Americans – Creating a White Canada in southern Africa –

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