An Australian tells me he believed the lies about Whites in South Africa … and then…

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[This is from a discussion I had with an Australian. Jan]

He wrote:
I am an Australian who worked in Africa from 2015 to 2020 and spent some time in South Africa. Until then, I was brainwashed by the MSM in regards to SA. I saw first hand the destruction the ANC has imposed on the people of SA and was awoken to the West’s lies and propaganda. My red pill moment. I am passionate about the truth …

I replied:

It’s awesome hearing from someone in Australia!! How is it going there with all those rotten South African Jew scum who left here and went there? In the 1990s quite a lot of the Jew scum from here were heading there. I knew one of them. They’re probably busy stuffing up your wonderful country and guilt-tripping all of you!!

I really enjoyed your story about how you were red pilled by coming here!!! I am so pleased to see that Liberalism and Globalist does indeed result in Whites being unexpectedly red pilled!!! Now you know we’re not making this shit up.

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