Africa: Black Inferiority Complex: Calling them Apes or Monkeys get’s Whites Jail time

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[Here in Africa, the blacks, have a real inferiority complex, especially the presidents. There are many times when they make LAWS against calling a President a name. It can get you jail time. Here in South Africa someone called the black Jew, the President, Ramaphosa an "ape" and now they're in court. They don't muck around, especially if they are called Apes or Monkeys. You'll get jail time for sure. Jan]

Criminal charge laid against KZN woman after ‘ape’ remark aimed at President Ramaphosa

Police are investigating a KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) woman for allegedly making a derogatory remark about President Cyril Ramaphosa on social media.

"I can confirm that a case of crimen injuria is being investigated against a KZN woman after she allegedly referred to the president in a derogatory manner [on] her Facebook page," national police spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo told News24 on Friday.

This comes after a case was registered at the Brighton Beach police station on Tuesday evening.

Her Facebook account has since been deactivated.

Various media reported that the woman referred to Ramaphosa as "an ape trying to act like a first world president".

An arrest has not been made.


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