Africa: Black Christian Pastor: popular prophet uses magical powers to lure married women to bed, frightens their husbands with curses


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One of Zimbabwe popular prophets Madzibaba Benji is using magical powers to lure married women to bed, frightens their husbands with curses.

WOMEN don’t know it’s happening but when it’s over they have no doubt what happened!

And later when their husbands confronted the culprit who is also a man of God while accusing him of using magical powers to lure their wives to bed under the guise of healing them, he reportedly threatened them with a curse.

According to My Zimbabwe online, such is the story of a popular prophet with an apostolic sect based at Nyika Growth Point, Bikita, who faces allegations of using magical powers to lure married women to bed and allegedly employed the “threat of curse” to frighten his victims’ husbands.

Lady Ziki popularly known as Madzibaba Benji’s alleged shenanigans came to light after Denford Masenga dragged him to Chief Mpakwa’s traditional court demanding five beasts as compensation for bedding his wife Muchaneta Gozhoro.

Masenga’s demands read in part: “Ndini Denford Masenga ndinokusunga nenyaya inoti wakanyenga mukadzi wangu ini ndinoda mubhadharo wemombe shanu at $350 each.

Loosely translated to “I, Denford Masenga, am suing you (Lady Ziki) for bedding my wife Muchaneta Gozhoro and I need to be compensated with five beasts at $350 each.”

It is alleged that Masenga decided to sue Madzibaba Benji after he found lewd conversations which he was allegedly exchanging with his wife whom she has since reportedly evicted from their matrimonial house.

The allegations of his untamed zip have also reportedly caused some men to stop their wives from attending his church.

As if Masenga’s suit was not enough, speculation of Madzibaba Benji’s sexual shenanigans went a gear up last year when word went viral around Bikita that he allegedly bedded a local businessmen’s wife.

The accusations reportedly led the businessman only identified as Tsvatai to immediately divorce her.

In separate interviews, people who spoke to B-Metro confirmed that Madzibaba Benji had been hit with allegations of bedding married women, with some of his victims being his congregants.

They claimed some of those who confronted him or took up the issue with the traditional leadership were threatened with a curse prompting them to withdraw the charges they would have leveled against him.

“Though he has never been caught red-handed allegations that he has a penchant for married women went a gear up when Tsvatai divorced his wife amid revelations that he was madly in love with her.

“There are also allegations that he uses magical powers to make those women undecided fall in love with him and later threaten to curse their husbands with a curse whenever they confronted him.

“If the allegations are not baseless then a person like him should not be allowed to be part of a religious institution because what he is doing goes against all that Christianity and prophecy stands for,” said the source.

Added another source: “Madzibaba Benji is no stranger to controversy even though he is disputing the accusations that he is bedding married women, he should know that there is no smoke without fire.

“The news that some men whose wives have been victims of his alleged magical powers like Denford (Masenga) who took up the issue with the traditional leadership and that one is a clear sign that the allegations might be true”.

However, speaking to B-Metro, Madzibaba Benji dismissed the reports that he was a “wife snatcher” saying people were jealous of his “luxurious life”.

He downplayed the reports saying in the case of Masenga he should provide tangible evidence that he bedded his wife.

“It is not true that I bed married women. In the case of Masenga, I am challenging him to provide evidence and that we go to civil courts rather than dragging my name into disrepute by taking me to the Chief. People are just jealous of me because I work very hard,” said a livid Madzibaba Benji.

He added: “Though I admit that I’m not a perfect man, as I do have girlfriends but if someone had problems with his wife he should not accuse me of being a problem in their marriage. That is not good at all.

“Just imagine Denford’s wife came to my house in the morning (last Saturday) so that I pray for her wares which she sells at the market.

“Meanwhile, I’m bothered with people’s accusations that I bed married women and as a popular prophet who has saved a lot of marriages it is one of those things you have to encounter especially when you are running a successful ministry”.

He confirmed that it was not the first time that extra-marital and home-wrecking allegations had been levelled against him saying his enemies once plotted to tarnish his reputation and that of the church at large by claiming that he bedded Tsvatai’s wife.


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