A Portuguese man write to me … loves my videos… The Portuguese nearly pulled off a GREAT VICTORY…

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S.Africa: Animal sex: Black man arrested, goat dies
The Goats were screaming! Villagers at Ga-Ratisi in the Northern Province holding an all-night vigil arrested a naked man early on Sunday morning, who is believed to have committed bestiality with a goat which later died.

I got this note from a Portuguese guy. It made me smile and pleased me. But, its far from over. There is some more to tell about the Portuguese. I will explain more in later videos how the Portuguese were on the edge of a fantastic victory here in Africa. The Portuguese came close to having the GREATEST VICTORY of any Western Nation since WW2. They actually achieved it, and then the whole thing fell apart. It would have saved ALL THE WHITES OF AFRICA! ALL OF US. Here is what the Portuguese guy wrote in the video comments:

hey man i absolutely love your videos. the Portuguese series was powerful for me as i know little about my people. thanks so much for your work. this question of the correlation between Vatican and the Jews and who is really in power is a major question in my mind

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Video: JEWS106: Jewish Complexity: Source of their BEST LIES!
This is a very important video I did. I have been wanting to tackle the topic of Jewish complexity for a long time, because I have noticed that some of the best Jewish Lies come from a bogus complexity that Jews introduce into everything.

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