21st Century: The Coming BREAKUP of Black Africa: The WORST NIGHTMARES ARE COMING – When Black nations collapse…


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What is the future of Africa? Jews and Blacks would have you believe that Africa’s problems are solved now that the White man is gone … now that Europe’s Empires have collapsed. But the reality is very different. I’ve been studying mainly southern Africa where I live, but I do look at news and things from elsewhere. Below is a short summary from a BBC article about all the military threats in Nigeria, which is the largest, most populous nation in the world. Nigeria is over 200 million. If it was a nation of Whites, it would be almost as rich as America. But, it’s a nation of Blacks so that rule does not apply. In THEORY, Nigeria should be the SUPERPOWER of Africa. It should be. But instead, despite Nigeria’s insane amounts of oil wealth, it is experiencing problems. For many years I was reading about Muslims and Christians fighting in Nigeria and White mercenaries being sent in to fight the Muslims – a dumb thing to do. But anyhow, Nigeria now has several areas where the Blacks are getting out of control. In one area, Blacks have been spending their time kidnapping people and ransoming them for money! They made a lot of money in this way. But there are all kinds of violent groups now, in this Black country who are using violence and the central Government is struggling to control them.

In my own analyses of the Blacks and of Africa, I will tell you, that I am TOTALLY CERTAIN, that in this, the 21st Century, that Whites, especially Liberals, are going to be AMAZED to see, Black African nations collapse even more than they’ve collapsed.

So far, their collapse and backwardness has been hidden by the fact that their central governments are still in control. But what is coming is much worse, and I am looking forward to it with great delight. The future that is coming is the collapse, even of the central governments of Black African countries as Africa itself breaks up into a long-awaited civil war.

All the dumbassed Liberals, fools and clowns that they are, who listened to Jews, will discover that Africa is an enormous failure … and that BLACKS CAN’T GET ALONG WITH BLACKS.

It is my view, that something NOBODY IS EVEN THINKING OF OR PREPARING FOR … will be coming. The GREAT WARS OF AFRICA … and the BIG KILLING … is coming. And it might not be far away. It might even be well underway in our lifetimes. If you think you’ve seen the worst of Africa, the worst violence, the worst slaughter, the worst chaos … STAND ASIDE. Much worse is coming.

The real thing that lies ahead, are Blacks fighting Blacks, and Black nations unable to contain their own collapse. It will even be the case that one nation, next to another nation, won’t even be able to help the one that is collapsing, because they’re all in so much trouble.

IT’S GOING TO BE FANTASTIC … and the last pages of African history have NOT YET been written … and the White man, especially the Boer … is far from finished!

Here, from the BBC is a list of the security problems currently in Nigeria, as it becomes ever more lawless and even the central Government can’t control chunks of it’s own territory right now:-

Militant Islamists in the north-east

Armed bandits in the north-west and center

Farmers and herders in the north-west and center

Street gangs in the south-west

Biafra separatists in the south-east

Oil militants in the Niger Delta

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